Conservative American blog considers pope Ratzinger amongst the antisemites.

The article is from the popular HUFFINGTON POST.
As you may have heard, Pope Benedict XVI has decided to follow in the digital footprints of President Obama, the Queen of England, and other world leaders, and launch an official Vatican YouTube channel.
You also may have heard that the Pope has reinstated an excommunicated British priest who is a Holocaust denier.
What you might not of heard, is that he made this announcement on YouTube. And as you’ll see, the pontiff is embracing all that YouTube has to offer. Take a look.
The Pope embracing the new digital era. Exciting stuff.
The Pope embracing a delusional Holocaust denier. Not so exciting.
The Priest in question is Bishop Richard Williamson who, in November, said on Swedish television that

“Historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed.”

Just the type of man you want back in your flock. Here’s video of the interview.
The Pope should put that video on the Vatican’s YouTube channel. I’m sure it would get a ton of hits.
In fairness, Williamson wasn’t actually excommunicated for being a Holocaust denier.

Richard Williamson and three other men who were excommunicated in 1988 after being ordained without Vatican permission. The three had been appointed by breakaway French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.
Get ordained by a rogue Archbishop? You’re out of here! Deny the slaughter of six million Jews? You’re welcomed back with open arms!
It’s funny that just as the Vatican is trying to use YouTube to reach out to people, another video comes along showing the ugliness of some of the Church’s decisions. Talk about “viral”. Maybe in his Holiness’s next video, he can pull a Chris Crocker and cry out “Leave Bishop Williamson alone!”


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